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What is a FGI Garden Made out of?
FGI Gardens typically use 8 GardenSoxx® to form the garden.  GardenSoxx are made out of a unique mesh sock fabric that is filled with a high quality growing media.  GardenSoxx are usually made in 2 foot sections, so they are easy to handle and move around.

Where can they be placed?
FGI Gardens can be placed anywhere there is sunlight and no standing water.  They can be placed on concrete, asphalt, roof tops, good soil or bad soil.  Roots will not harm those surfaces, but will penetrate the soil if placed on the ground.

What comes with the Garden?
The garden includes 8 GardenSoxx® (roughly 16 Square Feet), plants, seed and seed packets, growing guide, recipe book, and a watering can.

Where do I get the Garden?
Gardens are delivered by local volunteers operating through one of our partner projects.  These volunteers will deliver the gardens and materials, take them to the location you desire it, plant it, and make sure you know the basics about it.  If you have more questions, they’ll let you know where to get more information.  You will be notified in advance of the day and time frame of your garden delivery by our local project partners.

What if I’m not home when the garden is delivered?
If you are not home when the volunteers deliver, no problem!  They are instructed to pick an out of the way spot in the front yard, preferably where there is good sun and plant the garden.  The materials will be left too.  After you get home, you can MOVE the garden if you’d like it somewhere else!

How are GardenSoxx planted?
Simply cut a hole in the mesh large enough to plant your plug or seeds, using scissors or a knife.  A 2” hole or smaller is recommended.  Follow planting depths according to your plants, cover the seed or plug with the compost inside the sock, and water as usual.

What about weeds?
Prefilled GardenSoxx are filled with a high quality growing media that is free of weeds.  In addition, the mesh completely holds this growing media, and helps to keep weeds from coming inside the sock.  If you wish to place your GardenSoxx on a grassy or weedy area, you may want to first lay down a weed barrier, such as a piece of geotextile plastic that is available at any home improvement store.  This will further increase your chances of being completely weed free.

How much do I have to water my GardenSoxx?
Because of its innovative mesh system, GardenSoxx are nearly impossible to overwater because of their ability to drain excess water.  For a 16 sq. ft. GardenSoxx garden (8 GardenSoxx) garden we recommend 2 2-gallon watering cans every day.  Or, use .5 gallons per GardenSoxx, per day.   Most importantly, pay special attention to your plants, because they will show you when they are too wet or dry.

How long does the garden last?
The Garden can last for at least two growing seasons without additional fertilizers or nutrients.  After two seasons, the plants in your begin to deplete the nutrients in the GrowingMedia, so it is up to the owner if they want to add fertilizers, cut open the GardenSoxx and reuse the compost in an “in ground” garden area, and/or replace the GardenSoxx.  Always pay attention to your plants; they may need added nutrients earlier or later than recommended above.

What do I do with my Garden in the winter?
You can leave your garden outside for the winter.  GardenSoxx do best in outdoor conditions, because this allows the moisture content and biological activity to remain high.